Lynzie: 30; Olympia, WA, USA; cis woman; white; asexual and panromantic; extremely liberal; feminist.

I blog about social justice, personal crap, and various fandom-type things like Zelda and Sailor Moon. Please tag for bees, rape and nsfw stuff.

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radioactive-earthshine replied to your post “alterniansweeps replied to your photo “thinking about 2003 remembering…”

Contacts are a bitch, this is why we never wear them. :( But hey a lot of people get by with them.

I figure if I hate them I don’t have to wear them. But I definitely don’t want to screw up my eyes, so I’m gonna see a doctor before I even consider buying them. :)

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I watch this at least 10 times every time it shows up on my dash

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"Your time has come…. Come now… Stand before me!"

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Fashions of the Future as Imagined in 1893

Illustrations from “Future Dictates of Fashion” by W. Cade Gall that was published in the January 1893 issue of The Strand magazine.

At first I thought this was some “fashion of witches and wizards through the ages” type thing but nah everyone is supposed to dress like this. I wish everyone dressed like this. 

nailed it

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Hufflepuff Pride | Cedric Diggory

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