Lynzie: 30; Olympia, WA, USA; cis woman; white; asexual and panromantic; feminist.

I blog about social justice, personal crap, and various fandom-type things like Zelda and Sailor Moon.

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Posts I Like

"Oh, Hero of Hyrule, I can hold the beast at bay for only so long.  It should prove enough time to bid you a most sorrowful welcome to my kingdom.  Welcome to Lorule.  My name is Princess Hilda, and I have failed you in every way.  I knew Yuga planned to slip into your world to abduct Zelda and the Sages.  I…I couldn’t stop him.  Now he has used them to summon the Demon King and siphon his power.  Yuga’s appetite will soon consume our worlds.  Hyrule and Lorule—the beast’s for the taking.  I cannot hold him back much longer.  So…I must see you to safety."  

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my mom just sent me a text that says “OBAMA’S IN SEATTLE”

mom calm down with the fangirling okay

update: i asked if she was going to fangirl all over him and she said, “If I could, I sure would. I might even scream & faint. :)”

my mom just sent me a text that says “OBAMA’S IN SEATTLE”

mom calm down with the fangirling okay


dear god, let it be enough


dear god, let it be enough

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i feel like i should mention that the kittens are named

alex, piper
armin, mikasa


Two of my roommates for Kumoricon have had to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances.

Is anyone in need of a room? We’re staying at the Econo Lodge, which is about a ten minute walk from the convention. We booked the room before Kumoricon had official overflow hotels, and after their original hotels sold out, so there is not going to be a shuttle. The only room available when we booked it had one bed, and it is taken up by me and the other occupant. The hotel is supplying a roller bed for a third person (it’s already reserved), and there is floor room for a fourth person.

The room is reserved from Thursday through Monday (checkout time is 11am), and it’s $383 total, so $128 for three people, or $95.75 for four (we will consider lowering the price if there is a fourth person due to it being floor space).

If you’re interested, please send me an ask. Thanks!


I don’t think people realise how hard it is to re-discover the person you were before depression or even try to remember your own personality

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quit crying you big baby, how do you expect to save your sister???

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