Lynzie: 30; Olympia, WA, USA; cis woman; white; asexual and panromantic; feminist.

I blog about social justice, personal crap, and various fandom-type things like Zelda and Sailor Moon.

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Posts I Like

"The sword has accepted you as its master…"

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'Don't dilly-dally 
It’s your big finale 
Sha-la-la! ‘

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The Triforce


The Triforce

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Buncha Link and Navi pics by Rachel Morris… who is on Flickr, for those who’ve missed her since she closed down her Tumblr page. 

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  • Innocent gamer boy man: Wow I can't wait for another day of shoving NES cartridges up my asshole
  • Mean angry sjw feminazi: I  am  femmebot6000. 
  • My  pronouns  are  straw/strawman/
  • strawself.
  • Gaemer guy: Holy fuck
  • SJW: I  am  here  to  delete  all  your 
  • video  games  forever...  Unless 
  • they're  Gone  Home! 
  • Prepare  to  have  fun  eradicated!
  • Gamer: Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
  • *Sjw sends a virus to poor gamer's computer called ANITA_SARSLEEZYAN.exe
  • Gamer tries to open up steam.... but instead there's a popup that says "steam, more like steaming pile of shit!!!!!!"
  • Gamer [crying]: why would youo do this mean thing?
  • SJW [with an illuminati pyramid for a face]: Because  I  am  a 
  • gender  witch  and  I  hate  fun!
  • Mario [turning towards the camera and lowering his hat while a tear rolls down his face]: It's-a game over.

shines-like-phosphorus replied to your post “in other news i kind of hate sailor moon crystal and i’m really mad…”

Man I love it, I get so pumped when it’s a new episode weekend, but I’m easily pleased

omg i get so mad because i feel like usagi is completely useless and the other girls are basically doing nothing and their lines are all interchangable and i feel like they don’t have their own personalities and then mamoru comes out of nowhere and punches zoisite in the face???? also why the fuck are they calling each other by their usako/mamo-chan pet names already i am so so so turned off by this lack of buildup :(

i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to love it

i just don’t right now

i’m going to keep watching it though :(

radioactive-earthshine replied to your post “also the domino’s i work at atm is bullshit; they told me they had…”

I hope your call center job isn’t West or Xerox, I worked at West for 2 years and had a friend work for Xerox and both were brutal for many different reasons (mine refused to let me stand up despite the fact that I have a medical condition)

nope! it’s a different company. two of my roomies work there atm and apparently the company is pretty cool. :) i’m really sorry you had to deal with that shit, though. it’s completely unacceptable. :(

i’m still playing hyrule warriors and i’m still weirded out by proxi talking for link and by teaming link up with ganondorf, etc, in case anyone was wondering