Lynzie: 29; Olympia, WA, USA; cis woman; white; asexual and panromantic; extremely liberal; feminist.

I blog about social justice, personal crap, and various fandom-type things like Zelda and Sailor Moon. Please tag for bees, rape and nsfw stuff.

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things i have been considering: buying a brown wig that looks like my normal hair so i can dye my hair pink.



Love my box all day errday.

*sent a few more photos as well. My cat Bijou lives with my mom in Singapore and she’s been sending me photos of her sleeping in this box for months now! -__-

Your cute cat of the day

when i was in the dealer’s room yesterday one of the booths had a giant poster with two naked girls who looked like they couldn’t be older than 12

buuuut since the dealer’s room is an all-ages place they had to cover up the ~naughty bits~

they did this with weird drawings/phrases

for example, they put the forever alone guy over a vag and wrote “forever my waifu >.<” on it

this is why i rarely make friends with cis men who are into anime

shines-like-phosphorus replied to your post “i saw someone i used to see at cons all the time and i went and said…”

Lynzie I wanna come chill at cons with you!

omg do ittttt


Hilarious Chrono Trigger comic :)