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125 YEARS OF HOLDING WOMEN RESPONSIBLE FOR LAUNDRY (via 125 Years of Holding Women Responsible for Laundry » Sociological Images)

Doesn’t it warm your heart to see how much better things have gotten for women? Check out the one in 2011! She is wearing office clothes! She probably has a job! Because women can have jobs now! As long as it doesn’t stop them from doing laundry! 

the irony of that tagline… WOW.

I’m just giggling because you used the word irony in relation to laundry.

but seriously, what a shitty campaign. the first thing i noticed was the office clothing too.


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    My dad does the laundry and my mom is the “handy-man” of the house (more like handy-woman, amirite?).
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    Look at my brand new washing machine! Thank god it works, because Lord knows the man who owns me doesn’t!
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    Wow, look at the progress we’ve made!
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    For holding white women responsible for laundry? We know damn well that there was a period of time where if you were a...
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    It’s just sad that so many people seem to think it’s okay.
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    ^ and that above ad is still problematic because he’s a “dad mom.” what the fuck?
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