Lynzie: 30; Olympia, WA, USA; cis woman; white; asexual and panromantic; feminist.

I blog about social justice, personal crap, and various fandom-type things like Zelda and Sailor Moon.

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Posts I Like


Low-Hanging Fruit: Can an Edible Forest Take Root in Seattle?

Imagine if your neighborhood park doubled as a communal orchard. Out of fruit in the fridge? Just stroll down the block and pluck the first ripe pear you see. For residents of Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood this dream is about to become a reality, with a community group planning to break ground on the country’s largest “food forest” this summer.

See it on GOOD→ 

Seattle is a pretty great city, imo.

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    yes EVERYTHING can happen in Seattle okay
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    I wonder how close this will be to the beacon hill train station
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    Once again my city wins.
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    oohh this looks neat.
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    That’s so awesome. I hope for something like that, where I am. I only hope people don’t get greedy and ruin it.
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