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“Save the Pearls” is a vanity published YA novel trying to bill itself as the next “The Hunger Games.” The publisher says that “‘Save the Pearls turns the tables on racism.’”

It uses blackface as a plot device.

In author Victoria Foyt’s futuristic world, no one wants to mate with white people—or “pearls”—considered to be the ugliest humans oppressed by people of color. In order to survive, they must put on blackface make up to be attractive to the ruling class of “coals.” Hoyt explains: “their stunningly dark skin that carries the greatest amount of melanin…makes them the strongest, most powerful race alive.” The protagonist is a white girl who must smear her face with “midnight luster” make up in order to protect herself from radiation and in order to look beautiful to the oppressive “coals” in hopes that they will mate with her.

The rule in Eden’s post-apocalyptic world is: the darker the skin, the higher the mate-rate. Other factors calculated into one’s mate-rate include wealth or employment status. For example, Ronson Bramford, a handsome Coal titan of industry, is at the top of the heap with a mate rate of 98%. At age twenty-two, he only has two years left in which to mate—or else he’d probably have a 100% mate-rate. Tiger’s-Eyes, or Latinos, usually rate above Ambers, or Asians, in the future race wars. White-skinned Pearls offer little resistance to The Heat, and therefore, are at the bottom. Only a Cotton, or Albino, would be lower.”


I think just puked in my mouth


I’m just glad to see that it’s not a major publishing house putting this out. 


Well, Bill Cosby, it is the stuff of fiction.  Of young adult novels filled with the words of generations of white people who are terrified that, one day, the world will be run by all the races they shat on for thousands of years.  Don’t worry Bill Cosby, in the world of reverse-racism you are safe and free to live without fear of oppression, prejudice, bigotry, or bias because in *that* world, you are able to live like the white man does now.

Pearl. *cough*snort*barf*

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    “Save the Pearls” is a vanity published YA novel trying to bill itself as the next “The Hunger Games.” The publisher...