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Sakura Con 2014 Cosplay pt 1 

Characters: Magus and Schala from Chrono Trigger



It sure was a blast to finally cosplay as these two! My partner and I have been wanting to do this for a long time and I felt really good about them. We had to do a slight ‘revamp’ for Magus (we did NOT want to do that cod-piece) but it still turned out gorgeous.

I’m sorry that the picture quality isn’t good, the camera was a POS.


Chrono Trigger - Magus - Square Enix


Chrono Trigger - Magus - Square Enix

(via goodmorningcrono)


Hilarious Chrono Trigger comic :)


The heroes and villains of Chrono Trigger.

Sorry for the long / tall post (not really, this is amazing).


Fed all soldiers with a single piece of jerky!

Praise Crono!


Silly upload limit :(


Chrono Trigger


Chrono Trigger