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In the 12 months since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., almost every state has enacted at least one new gun law. Nearly two-thirds of the new laws ease restrictions and expand the rights of gun owners.



I have an issue with the post going around about what is going on.

There is an entire paragraph dedicated to America.

England gets this: “

  • United Kingdom: Government will ban Church of England and Church of Wales from offering same-sex marriage.”

Can I add to this please:

  • In the UK immigrants can now be denied benefits if they don’t speak English. 
  • The UK Police actively tried to smear Steven Lawrence, his family, and his friends’ names through illegal methods. If you do not know who Steven Lawrence was, but you knew who Trayvon Martin was,  Google it. Be shocked. 
  • In the UK, disabled people can now be denied benefits if they don’t fit the government’s idea of what disabled is.
  • In the UK you now have to wait a week - a week potentially spent with no money - before signing on for benefits. 
  • The entire benefits system is being redone in order to save the government money. The government lets TNCs have offshore banks and loses almost £1.8bn a year through this.
  • The UK government still refuses to change laws surrounding corporation tax, losing the public a whole lot more money. Whilst still punishing the poor. 
  • Gay marriage campaigners lead trans* people to believe that they would be included in this bill. They were not. 
  • The UK government made it harder for women to get abortions, set in place the allowances to privatise the NHS and have licensed fracking, even though fracking is environmentally damaging and displaces entire communities.
  • If all you care about is gay marriage boy do you have another thing coming.

Do you wanna know what else is swell? The UK Police are licensed, by law, to break up any public gathering they deem to be “unnecessary”, including protests. This was our government’s backdoor method of stopping people from protesting without a license. Its why Occupy in London was abolished, its why protesters were recently arrested, its bullshit.

So essentially the British public cannot even protest about this.

This has been a PSA. 

Trans people weren’t just “not included” in the marriage bill- they’re directly targeted by it. The bill has a provision that if you’re trans and married, you need to get your spouses approval (in writing) before you can get your GRC. (Gender recognition certificate). Obtaining a GRC is the only way to gain legal protection against being ‘outed’ by others as trans. It is also the only way to have certain records, such as one’s birth certificate, permanently sealed. It is also one of those things that people will demand that you produce before they will even consider to treat you remotely as the person you are.

Yeah. That’s right. Literally removing your right to make decisions about your own life and giving it to the person you’re married to. (That isn’t directly enabling of abuse or anything.)

Even better, this will still apply even if you’re separated from your partner. Even if you’re going through a bitter and dangerous divorce, they will still have the right to veto your GRC. 

Before in order to get a GRC you also had to get divorced (or have your civil partnership annulled- something that you may still have to do because civil partnerships are still same-sex only) because same-sex marriage was illegal. This meant that at first the partner had de facto veto power over your GRC- by denying you a divorce. But if you’ve been apart for a number of years (I think it’s seven [or that might be to declare someone legally dead, I forget]) you can get a divorce anyway, regardless of their say-so.

Now they get that power straight out of the box.

In addition, Helen Grant (the equality minister, what fun) has requested that amendments that address the previous distress (and expense-  divorce is not cheap) that trans people have gone through be removed.

What a country we live in.

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Remember how those senators were shaken and panicked when the protesters kept busting into the chambers?

They should always be like that. 

They should never be comfortable.

They should always feel like their decisions can stir a crowd like we saw today. 

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I already spent the last hour and a half on Twitter posting about Wendy Davis and SB5, so know this:

  • Wendy Davis is a fucking hero.
  • So is Leticia Van Putte.
  • I hate the fact that filibustering exists, but this needed to happen and I’m really glad it did.
  • Stay pumped about politics because the SCOTUS is releasing their decision about Prop 8 AND DOMA tomorrow morning (in less than 8 hours now, supposedly).
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote in your local and state elections. This shit matters. 2014 will absolutely affect 2016!!



Still one of my favorite political cartoons ever. As relevant now as in 2006.

I’ve posted this before, I don’t really care.




The House just passed my bipartisan Obamacare repeal bill.

(Oh, and welcome to my new Tumblr!)

Important milestone alert: the very first spat between members of Congress on Tumblr.

(“Apparently, Takano is also the sponsor of H.R. 745213, a Bill to Resolve All House Disputes in the Tumblr Forum.” - h/t

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I’ve been working for a politician for a few weeks now, and one of the most frustrating, time-consuming, and unproductive parts of our day is dealing with form emails on current issues.

You know the kind - an organization reaches out to its supporters and provides them with a pre-written letter, encouraging them to send it to their local politician. Flood their inbox! Make them notice!

Yeah, those things are useless.

We have a file on our inbox where we stash them as they come in. After a day or so, our political party sends us a form reply, and if things are slow we might reply to a few. The rest languish until the issue has passed over and we delete them.

Waste of our time, waste of yours.

But there ARE things you can do to actually reach a politician. There are emails we read, reply to, think about, and take action on - every day. So, hold off on that copy/paste, and try the following:

- - - - -

1. Change the subject line.

The organization has probably come up with a snappy subject line. Very witty - but it makes it SO easy for us to set up a filter and have all emails with that subject automatically filed. If you use their subject line, even if you follow all the advice below, your message will probably never be seen. Come up with your own.

Keep it simple, not dramatic. “I’m concerned about the issue of ___”.

2. Personalize the email to the politician.

We use gmail, which means that when it comes in the inbox, we see your email address, the subject line, and the first line of the email body. If that line is “Dear Elected Representative”, your email goes unread. Emails that start “Dear ‘Name’” are so incredibly rare that we actually get excited and gather to read them when they come in. If you do NOTHING else, write the politician’s name in. It’s a tiny thing that makes a huge difference.

3. Personalize the email for yourself.

Three main things here:

A) Tell us why this issue matters to you. We know not everyone has the time, energy, or skills to write their own email. But add in a few words at the beginning or end and explain why you care. Why does this issue matter to you? What changes are most important to you? Let us know you actually care about this subject.

B) SIGN YOUR NAME. SIGN YOUR NAME SIGN YOUR NAME SIGN YOUR NAME. An email from “” signed “Concerned Citizen” will never, EVER get a reply. We assume you’re a spambot. Give us a name.

C) Know your riding/district at this politician’s level, and include it in your email signature after your name. Make it clear that you belong to that politician’s area. This isn’t just lazy politicians not wanting to help you - it’s a SERIOUS breach of political ettiquette to help someone who belongs to another riding. We’re encroaching on their territory. This is especially true if the surrounding politicians are of different political parties - it looks to them like we’re trying to convince THEIR constituents to vote for OUR party. Listing your riding is helpful in two ways: if you ARE in our riding, we’ll be more likely to reply. If you AREN’T in our riding, we’ll forward your message to the right person, to get you out of our hair AND to make us look better.

4. Get to know the person you’re emailing.

This is above and beyond, but if you’re dedicated and you really want your email to get noticed, do some quick research. Are they a minister or critic of a specific area, and does it relate to what you’re talking about? Are there any news stories on Google where they referred to this issue? Check their political party website - does their party have a stance, and do you agree or disagree? The more educated you are on the issue, the more convincing you’ll be.

5. Use spellcheck, but don’t sweat it.

Grammatical and spelling errors can be distracting - do your best. But, we get a lot of emails from people apologizing for not saying more, “because I’m a terrible speller.” That’s okay. We’d actually rather hear what you have to say. We know that education can be difficult to access and that learning disabilities are a thing. Most voters are NOT university graduates with impeccable spelling. Your opinion still matters - so let us know what you think.

6. Don’t be dramatic or threatening.

Compassion fatigue is a real thing- it happens when people work jobs that require them to care deeply about a significant number of people for long periods of time. It’s well-documented amongst nurses and therapists, who can sometimes get support - but it happens to politicians, too, and there’s no help for them. You, the email writer, have to deal with it. Emails that open with “this is a desperate plea” or end with “I’m at the end of my rope” are not productive. Replies to those messages get put off for ages, and get the quickest, most band-aid solutions, because it’s emotionally exhausting to deal with. Threats of violence or suicide are forwarded to police - the end. We know this issue matters, and we want to help - just let us know what’s going on and what you need, without the dramatics and hyperbole, and we’ll do our best.


I hope this helps! I see a lot of this sort of activism on Facebook and Tumblr - you can make a much bigger difference with some of these tips. :)

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Just to provide some perspective on the accusation that Obama spends like a college freshman who just got a credit card. It’s no wonder Republicans hate fact-checkers…


I don’t mean to be ~annoying~ or anything but would the number be higher if it were at least an entire term? I mean, that image is two years out of date.

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Things people tweet at me on @homophobiaphobe:

"I have ever right to be homophobic just as the next man has every right to be a republican"


Also applies to the comments section of anything ever. (SMBC)


Also applies to the comments section of anything ever. (SMBC)