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Ah, wouldn’t it be nice?




I want every second of this scene in the new anime. Every. second.

also anime, put some glasses on mamo, just some.

I really need sarcastic high schooler Mamochan in glasses, plz.




I want every second of this scene in the new anime. Every. second.

also anime, put some glasses on mamo, just some.

I really need sarcastic high schooler Mamochan in glasses, plz.

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Oh, something else I’m bitter about.

Being born into a matriarchy with NO MATRIARCHS.


Seriously, you know what that’s called? A patriarchy. Just like the rest of the goddamn world.

i am going to be angry about this forever and nothing else but gerards wife rising angrily from the sea and stabbing him for being a cock and then assuming control of the family will appease me

do we even hear about gerard’s wife? where is she, i want to see her. i want her to put leashes around all the dudes in this family and sit on a giant golden throne

I assume she’s dead, but I’d like her to be on a fifteen year werewolf killing tour of Europe and I want her to come back and be like ‘WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER AND DAUGHTER IN LAW? GERARD LET WHAT BITE HIM? THE FUCK YOU SAY? CHRIS, GET MY GUN. aww is that little allison you’ve got so big! grammy will be back in a sec, ok? GERARD YOU LITTLE SHIT.”  

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i might as well post this here

behold, the fairy tunic, which gives link the power to stun his enemies using nothing but the pure adorableness of his outfit

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  • Snape: Lily! I protected your son and saved his life numerous times! Aren't you happy with me?
  • Lily: Oh, Snape. I'm incredibly grateful, of course.
  • Lily: but you also put every effort into being a complete fuckstick to him in between
  • Snape:
  • Lily: for over six years
  • Snape:
  • Lily: since he was eleven and emotionally vulnerable, just escaped from an abusive household, and new to an entire world of magic
  • Snape:
  • Lily: although I don't see that as personal since it seems you enjoyed abusing all your students regularly
  • Snape:
  • Lily: but yes thanks very much for saving his life
  • Snape:
  • Snape:
  • Snape:
  • Snape: I--
  • Lily: you're a prick





Black privilege is being able to get money easily if you’re in poverty.

It’s harder for non-black people. Now, we have affirmative action, welfare, etc., all catering to black people.

Surely you should be able to link to some statistics proving the Black people benefit the most from welfare and affirmative action.

Surely you should.

Seeing as you’re interested in FACTS, right?

So put your money where your mouth is.

Now you know those stats showing that white women benefit the most from affirmative action & more white people get welfare are anathema to this fool. Next you’ll bring up who welfare was invented to help & really fuck up their whole world by pointing out that black people were excluded from it.

As a Welfare worker I can tell you this is wrong. The majority of the people who come into my job applying for Welfare are white. I speak to at least 20 people a day as a screener, and I see about 2 black families of those twenty. Probably 7 latin@ families. An asian family every other day. The rest are all white families.

And with what little amount of money a person can get from Welfare (an amount which you can barely survive on, and amount that is far less than the average rent in the area I work in for a two bed room apartment), those 2 black families, 7 latin@ families and asian family every other day take that money and they are thankful for what little help they can get, they go live in shitty apartments or with other families in a cramped house so that they can afford to pay rent on the meager amount they get from us a month. They bust their asses to SURVIVE.

But those white people? They are upset with the money they get. They wonder why if they paid taxes their whole lives, that they can only get such a small amount of money? They say it must be all of the POC coming in and taking all of the welfare money and all of the illegal immigrants who come in and stole welfare aid (nevermind the fact that you CANNOT RECEIVE AID if you are not a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident of more than 10 years). They say if POC would just get jobs and get off welfare we’d have more money to give them (yet somehow turn around and say that POC are taking all of their jobs, so that’s why they can’t find one). They say this to the other white applicants in the lobby or the WOC workers who are trying to help them get back on their feet. Out fucking loud.

Wanna know what white privilege is?

White privilege is being able to have the balls to go to a welfare office, be surrounded by other white people who are also applying, and complaining about how POC are taking all of the governments money, meanwhile POC are working shitty jobs and living in shit neighborhoods refusing to get the aid they NEED to help their families, because they will be shamed the minute they step into the building.

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